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... flexible support to suit the individual


Maximize your choices with our great services

FlexiChoice offers an extensive range of support services which can be tailored to suit individual abilities, interests, needs and goals.

Support Planning & Coordination  

FlexiChoice makes it easy for you by offering personal Support Coordination to NDIS participants and or carers. We can provide information and advice with planning, budgeting and connecting to support services.  Once you are receiving funded services we can monitor progress and adjust support as required.  

Personalised Service

The NDIS is all about you having the opportunity and the choice to access the support services that you need and want.

At FlexiChoice we absolutely understand that everyone is unique and people require different types of support.  That’s why we shape support options and care to fit your needs and goals, in the most responsive, creative and flexible way.

Healthy Connections

Our group and community based activities give people with a disability the opportunity to gain confidence, make friends, build relationships and have fun while interacting in a social setting. We are dedicated in our support of people so they may live happy and fulfilling lives, while embracing physical health, mental health and social wellbeing.

Active Lifestyle 

Networking with community fitness and sporting clubs promotes inclusive community connections and provides more active and healthier recreational opportunities. We offer a wide range of health and fitness based activities including swimming, tennis, golf, bowling, netball, basketball, gym, horse-riding, soccer and other pusuits.


As well as keeping fit physically, we believe its important to nurture our wellbeing with relaxing leisure activities, yoga, gardening, nature walks, craftsTai Chi.

Creative Arts

FlexiChoice actively promotes the arts. The self-expressive process of making art or music is known to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of people of all ages.  We offer regular art and craft activities, drumming sessions and dance workshops. 

Life Skills Development 

Life Skill development focuses on building confidence and developing skills to live more independently. FlexiChoice teaches, cooking, sewing, nutrition, health and personal hygiene, budgeting, gardening, protective behaviours and domestic skills.

Community & Social Access

We encourage people to seek new experiences and increase social and community participation. Enjoy access to community events and activities like, sporting events, festivals, films, music, library visits,  the Men’s Shed, volunteering, café culture, luncheons and social events. 

Who do we provide Services to?   

People with a  disability up to the age of 65 years (or as funding is  provided) and Carers or family members, by giving them a break in their caring role (respite and in home  domestic assistance)

We have the local area totally covered

  Where do we provide support? 

Direct Support (utilising FlexiChoice staff) is currently provided, but not limited to, the FNQ Northern Tablelands region, including: 

     Mt Molloy

FlexiChoice offers support including:  

     Learning and Life-Skills Development
     Community Access (including  transport)
     Shopping & Meal Preparation 
     Social Support
     Sporting & Leisure Activities (WHAT'S HAPPENING)
     Light Domestic Support
     Personal Care
     Independent Living Assistance
     Recreational Activity Base
     Carer Respite
     Overnight 24 hours Care 
     Planning & Case Management