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... flexible support to suit the individual

Why Choose Us                  

FlexiChoice provides flexible support services in the home, the community and workplace settings, either individually or in a small groups. 

We also offer our own large Recreational Activity Base situated in a fully accessible setting where staff are free to utilise resources to suit the Service User. 

We keep support flexible


FlexiChoice believes in connecting people. Our leisure, vocational and life skill activities provide an opportunity to socialise and enjoy positive experiences with others.
We provide assistance to further develop existing interests, and encouragement to expand community networks and explore new opportunities, i.e. joining local clubs, volunteering and involvement in community events.  
Often people have existing community connections when they join our service which we work alongside. We can also, link you with other support services or assist you in creating new community connections.

We connect people


We have a great team of friendly, adaptable and cooperative support workers of all ages, who are carefully matched with the person they support.  We value their diverse individual skills and training backgounds which they bring to our service and use in their daily provision of support to suit your individual needs.

Whether you require support coordination, financial plan management or disability support, our experience ensures you will have a positive experience. 

More support opportunities           


Our staff are well trained for disability support with years of experience, plus a wide range of background skills in areas of Education: (teaching, vocational training, literacy & numeracy), Health & Welbeing: (nursing, occupational therapy, yoga, fitness and sports), Arts & Crafts: (dance, music, theatre, visual arts, sewing).

Well trained and talented team

Reviews and Feedback

Client Reviews 2017

Hi Virginia,
Tess and I would like to express our heart felt gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for looking after Annie while Tess had a well earned holiday.

Firstly, to yourself for organising the funds which no one else was able to do! Secondly, to your office staff for organising the carers for the dreaded morning shift. And last of all to your wonderful wonderful carers, Sonya, Trudy and Roseanne for sitting by Annie all through those early morning hours THANKS.

With Kind Regards
Jim & Tess. Wilson

PS. Thank God we found you Guys!


FlexiChoice is required to meet the Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS).  

Below is the professional summary of our performance after our most recent audit January 2018: 


FlexiChoice regain certification against the Human Services Quality Standards


Lead Auditor  Name: David Preston

Date: 11th February 2019


In accordance with the JAS-ANZ HSQF Scheme Part 2 requirements, the lead auditor recommends to the CB that FlexiChoice regain certification against the Human Services Quality Standards.


Executive summary

Based in Mareeba, FlexiChoice is a community not-for-profit organisation with more than 16 years’ experience in Disability Support Services. They are experts in providing support opportunities for people with a disability so they may achieve their goals and all the things in life that are important to them and their families.

Providing high quality support for clients and attracting high calibre quality support staff has contributed to the key to the organisation’s success to date. Having effective processes that support effective service delivery and communication ensure in continued Client Satisfaction.

FlexiChoice have demonstrated strong commitment to providing quality outcomes for all of its clients it supports. The organisation now has well established systems and procedures which are appropriate for the size and culture of the organisation. However, the CEO is aware that minor refinements to the system will need to be made to encompass the requirements of the National Quality Safeguard Framework. These will provide effective governance and management stability. All Policies and Procedures were reviewed in January 2019 with this in mind.

All staff demonstrate a thorough understanding of the principles of the HSQF Standards and associated legislative requirements as well as an awareness of quality assurance requirements.

Systems for identifying continuous service improvement opportunities continue to enhance opportunities for business efficiency and increased client outcomes.


o The professionalism and expertise demonstrated by all staff, lead by the CEO

o Demonstrated commitment to research and implementation of Best Practice models

o Positive outcomes and improved quality of life for clients as a result of effective support strategies.

o The level of awareness and involvement of the Board in the effective governance of the organisation

o Demonstrated commitment to strategic planning and positioning the organisation for ongoing sustainability into the future


The “Open Door” policy and ready access to senior staff ensures that any concerns, issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Clients are regularly encouraged to provide feedback and contribute to the development of the service, for example representation on the participation in the Audit process. Feedback provided during the audit confirmed a very high level of satisfaction with the services and support provided by the staff at FlexiChoice

The person-centred and consumer-focused principles of the HSQF are inherent in the policies and FlexiChoice mission, vision and values. Individual clients expressed confidence in the management team to manage the resources and meet their needs effectively. They highlighted the flexibility afforded to them to manage their workers and the understanding and responsiveness of the management team to any issues that arise with their support team, as key factors in their satisfaction with the service.




Feedback  From  Professional  Service Providers:

"Congratulations to everyone at FlexiChoice – your service brings joy and laughter to people’s lives with the very creative outings, social events and caring support.  The support workers are so kind and generous in spirit in their work with clients.  Well done!"

Kind Regards

Dianne Wellington

Advocate - Rights in Action Inc - Independent Advocacy for people with disabilities


Jan, 2014

"I always celebrate your organisation as an example of just how wonderful service delivery can be for clients when people care AND are willing to go just that little extra step to make a difference. I can’t thank you enough that I don’t have to invest effort to convince people to give things a go when I’m working with you and your team. You back things up and encourage+++."                                 

Christine Coop

Senior Occupational Therapist & Director  -  Enable Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Pty Ltd


"You guys clearly apply inclusion, but more importantly than that, it is evident that you hold the Service Users and making a real difference, as the priority and at the heart of all that you do."


From  Service User (client) Survey

  •   "We are very happy with Flexi’s support"
  •   "Happy with the way service is run"
  •   "We love our support worker.  She is wonderful"
  •   "Keep up what is happening.  Could not improve on a wonderful & caring service."
  •   "Worker doesn't get involved but shows care in my personal life."
  •   “I am very happy with the care and concern of the Coordinator and staff. Thanks"


What do you see as FlexiChoice's greatest strengths? (Feedback from Staff Appraisals 2018)

  • Flexible. Strong bond with staff. Happy and Fun Environment. Change.
  • The amazing staff members are what make Flexi great. I’m proud to be a member of such an awesome team.
  • Encouraging SU in life skills.
  • Good staff.
  • Their organisational skills and actives they offer. Even if working solo far away, still feel the support and help.
  • Encouraging clients to reach their full potential for themselves and in society.
  • The great team we have.
  • Flexibilty and encouragement and we all support each other whether it be clients or support workers.
  • Family means everything.
  • That our premises has a nice unique feeling of freedom, not restrictive, a good atmosphere.
  • Flexibility. Very experienced staff.